RSE Developement

Our skills

Since it has been created in 2010, RSE DEVELOPPEMENT has always been a laboratory of CSR experiences for pioneer companies.

Our core business is to support economical actors in all steps, depending on their maturity, from the definition of their CSR issues, the sustainable development integration in their strategy and operational processes, to their valorization in order for them to differentiate on their market.

Based on co-production between our experts eco-system and the company stakeholders, our exclusive methodology Sustainable Economic Performance™ consists in an integration of CSR in our customers’ business model.

Supporting companies is not just a standard job but a fully-dedicated partnership based on long-term confidence. We fully commit for our customers success. 

Marc Jacouton, RSE DEVELOPPEMENT founder

Expertise center

RSE DEVELOPPEMENT know-how shared and enriched with our customers brings us to continuously develop new ideas. Rather than simply applying best practices, we build up your practices with you within a creative manner.

By adding men and women experience and an exclusive methodology, RSE DEVELOPPEMENT participates to the development of new solutions and collaborative experiences in order to promote expertise transfers between business sectors and customers.