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october 22 2012

Performance Economique Responsable

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The first book to link CSR & economic performance

by Marc Jacouton & Olivier Brongniart

What is meant by "social responsibility of the company?" Why in these times of crisis, approach CSR is a real opportunity for the company to reconcile the dimensions People-Planet-Profit, real break to a new model "responsible economic performance" ... ? How Are companies impacted by taking into account of sustainable development?

The emergency societal has never been so urgent, and the company has henceforth consciousness. This book, first of its kind, dress the inventory of the next major changes induced by this recognition, both individually and collectively, in business.

Its aim is to demonstrate that it is possible to link CSR and economic performance of the company. Economic Performance responsible is a real toolbox practice serving businesses away from exposed theoretical or normative. A new vision of key processes is proposed: management, control, communication, innovation, information system, production and life cycle of products and services, purchasing ... with each topic addressed, the testimony of company officials.

 To whom is this book intended?

This book is intended primarily for professionals in charge of all operational function within the company, the general direction of marketing through the information systems that are concerned about the integration of CSR into their dimension daily activity. More particularly those in charge of CSR will find a pedagogical tool to train all stakeholders of the company and concretely respond to objections. Finally, students will find here a practical synthesis away from the theory and dogma, close to the reality of the business, which complement theoretical or normative literature on the subject.

"Today, citizens, political, economic actors, consumers and civil society are part of a collective awareness of the need for a more responsible behavior towards humans and the planet: this increasing maturity of our society is a real opportunity for business, especially SMEs / SMIs. This new requirement of more responsible behavior and ethical, individually and collectively, is as much a requirement societal as a factor of economic performance and sustainability for the company. The corporate social responsibility is about to take power, "Marc Jacouton, co-author of the book and founder of RSE DEVELOPPEMENT.

About the authors:

Marc Jacouton is founder of the firm RSE DEVELOPPEMENT, responsible marketing specialist and sustainable development in the service of economic performance of the company. He has different responsibilities in sales management, communication and sustainable development. It operates at the Business School of Saint Etienne and the Higher Institute for Studies for Sustainable Development.

Olivier Brongniart is president of the firm COST HOUSE, specializing in Economic Performance. He joined the board after a broad career in varied sectors: finance, telecoms, industry and public sector. It operates at the Central School in Paris, ESCP Europe, DFCG and Polytechnic College.

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